Welcome to R1 Connect!

We're here to help you boost engagement, drive retention, and improve customer satisfaction.
First, let get you setup in 5 simple steps.

1Create your first Application

Let's start by creating your first application. If you have an app in mind, just fill out the boxes. If you are new to this, feel free to
make up stuff randomly. You can always edit the information later. Please click the New App to begin

2Setup Push Notification Services

Next, let's integrate the push notification service. You don't need to complete every platforms. Just integrate with those that your
app is running on. Click Dev Tools to begin. If you are not a developer or don't know what Push Notification Service is,
send this to your engineers . They will assist you to fill this out.

If you don't have a mobile app now or want to test push message on a demo app, go to next step.

3Download SDK or demo app

Do you have a mobile app already? Or you want to test the service using a demo app? You can download both for iOS here and Android here. You can also send links to your engineers.

4Install the App on your device

Whether you've chosen to integrate R1 Connect to your app or test it first on demo app, install it to your device.

5Compose your 1st Push Message

Okay, setup has completed. Let's test it by sending your first message! Click on New Message . Type in your message in
the Message Body. Select platform(s) where you like the message to deliver, recipient (let's go with "broadcast" for now), and
schedule (now). You can always preview message on the right. When you're ready, click “Send”.


You have completed the setup successfully! You should be receiving a push message on your phone or tablet soon! Now, let's roll the updated app out to the app store, so that you can begin to send personalized push messages to your customers.

P.S. Remember that we're always a click away for help. You can send us message anytime by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on your right.

Love from R1 Connect team

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